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Louisiana's Professional Football Team, the New Orleans Saints may be one of the strongest football programs in the NFL, and although the New Orleans Saints roster is a very strong one and the New Orleans Saints Coaching Staff is talented, the strength of the New Orleans Saints program as a whole comes from the football club's ability to adapt, rebuild and grow. The New Orleans Saints football franchise was established in 1967. The early years for the New Orleans Saints were marked by relative success for an expansion team and changes in the coaching staff. The first strong season of the New Orleans Saints came in 1970 when Tom Dempsey kicked an NFL-record breaking 63-yard field goal against the Detroit Lions to win the game in the last few seconds 19-17.


Up and Down Years

The New Orleans Saints then saw several seasons of mediocrity although they continued to win and build up the Saints roster with strong players. In the first 3 years of the 1990's the New Orleans Saints enjoyed lots of success and the New Orleans Saints made NFL Play-off appearances all 3 years. The Saints also won a National Football Conference West Division Championship in 1991.  The Saints won their first Super Bowl in 2009. 


Hurricane Katrina 

The New Orleans Saints gained their notoriety and proved they were a team that could not be rattled easily in 2005 when the natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and next to destroyed the entire city including the Louisiana Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints. Instead of taking a season off to rebuild out of the public eye like many predicted, the New Orleans Saints played in the 2005 NFL Season, splitting their home games in between Tiger Stadium and the Alamodome. In 2006 NFL Season marked the homecoming of the New Orleans Saints to the Louisiana Superdome. For the first time in New Orleans Saints franchise, the New Orleans Saints sold out the Louisiana Superdome in Saints Season Tickets alone and the 2006 Saints Home Opener Game was the highest watched program on ESPN. Since the New Orleans Saints returned to the Louisiana Superdome they have enjoyed lots of success and are predicted to do well again this season!


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