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The Nevada Wolfpack represents the University of Nevada, Reno in NCAA Division-I football. The Nevada Wolfpack competes in the Western Athletic Conference against rivals the Fresno State Bulldogs, the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, the Utah Utes and the Idaho Vandals. The University of Nevada began playing Nevada Wolfpack football in 1896 and began playing Western Athletic Conference football in 2000. The Nevada Wolfpack made the transition to Division-I football in 1992 and is the only team in NCAA history to win a conference championship the year after moving up a division or subdivision. The Nevada Wolfpack clinched the WAC win, the Nevada Wolfpack roster rallied around it's "Comeback Kid" quarterback Chris Vargas to come out from behind and beat Utah State for the title. That season is recognized by Nevada Wolfpack fans as the season that the Wolfpack roster declared itself a powerhouse.

Along with being recognized as one of the best "zero to hero" stories in college sports, the Nevada Wolfpack roster can also boast having Pat Brady as a former member. While playing for the University of Nevada in 1950, Pat Brady made the longest punt in NCAA history. During the Nevada Wolfpack - Loyola Marymount game on October 28, 1950 Pat Brady made a booming 99 yard punt . The impressive record will forever remain in the college football history books because it can only be matched not topped.

Today's Nevada Wolfpack Roster has worked tirelessly to gain some of the fame of the "Comeback Kid" and the Pat Brady. Recently, the Nevada Wolfpack has appeared in four postseason bowl games. The Nevada Wolfpack defeated Central Florida in the 2005 Hawaii Bowl and made appearances in the 2006 MPC Computers Bowl, the 2007 New Mexico Bowl and the 2008 Humanitarian Bowl where the Wolfpack sadly lost to Maryland 35-42. This season, the Nevada Wolfpack football team is out to prove they have what it takes to win a conference title and a bowl title in the same season.

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