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When most people think of Hawaii they don't think college football, but for Hawaii Warriors fans that is exactly the association that is made. The Hawaii Warriors represent the University of Hawaii at Manoa in NCAA Division-I football as a member of the Western Athletic Conference. Hawaii Warriors football has a long standing reputation on both the Islands and in NCAA circles as being the underdog team that no one sees coming. The University of Hawaii Warriors football program is much smaller than other NCAA Division-I football teams but the Hawaii Warriors have proven to be just a competitive as these bigger schools. The Hawaii Warriors can claim 3 conference titles and the Hawaii Warriors Roster has included 7 Consensus-All-American players.

The small and competitive Hawaii Warriors football team has gained a reputation for having some of the rowdiest hometown fans, including an incident in 2007 where there were allegations that Hawaii Warriors fans were verbally and physically abusive to Fresno State fans. The Hawaii Warriors and the Fresno State Bulldogs have a long rivalry and are currently the oldest members of the Western Athletic Conference who regularly contend for the WAC Championship. After the allegations of poor sportsmanship and abuse, the Hawaii Warriors made an effort to shape up the Warriors fan base and play by the NCAA rules of conduct. The Hawaii Warriors also have rivalries with Boise State and BYU though both of these are far less heated and tend to not make as big of a splash on the Hawaii Warriors Schedule as the Hawaii Fresno State game.

The Hawaii Warriors roster is currently led by Warriors Head Coach Greg McMackin. In his first season with the Hawaii Warriors roster, Greg McMackin took the Warriors to the postseason Bowl Series where they played Notre Dame in the Hawaii Bowl, losing to the Notre Dame powerhouse, 21-49. The Hawaii Warriors are regulars in the postseason, having made several appearances in the Hawaii Bowl and the Pineapple Bowl.

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